I get life at God’s cost…. So, surely I can serve Him.

Genesis 24:28-30

28 And the young woman ran and told her mother’s household these things. 29 Rebekah (also had) a brother, and his name (was) Laban[1], and Laban ran out to the man, to the eye (of the water, i.e. the well). 30 And it was, when he saw the ring and the bracelets on the hand of his sister, and when he heard the words of Rebekah his sister, saying, “This is what the man said to me,” he came to the man and, look, he was standing by the camels by the eye (of the water, i.e. the well).


Rebekah, whose name meant “ensnarer,” and Laban, whose name meant “white,” both had different reactions.  Rebekah, in contrast to her name, was prepared to give of herself in time and effort without thought of payment.  Laban, also in a variation to his name (white, with the implication of spotless and pure), seemed to wait until he saw the value of the gold on her hand before he extended hospitality… even though he had already heard what Rebekah said about the man being sent from close family.

Abraham’s slave didn’t follow Rebekah to her house, but stayed there by the well, and he was still by the well with his camels when Laban arrived.

Once again, I’m biased because I know the rest of the story… Rebekah does marry Isaac, and then tricks him in his old age… and Laban takes Jacob in and cons him into working for him for twenty-one years… they were both tarred with the same brush to some extent… but aren’t we all?  Don’t we all look out for number one?  Aren’t we all interested in “What’s in it for me?”  …. Or “What’s in it for my son?” in Rebekah’s case… typical mum, right?  Look at James and John’s mum!  You’d be embarrassed, wouldn’t you?

Jesus laid down his life… He laid it down just to come to earth, let alone to die here.  However, he raised to life so that I might have life and privilege… Being a Christian is intensely selfish, because I get life at God’s cost…. So, surely I can serve Him.


Father, please help me to lay down my life for others.  Please help me to know You and to know Jesus, and Him crucified.  Please help me to look to the cross and not to the opportunity for riches, i.e. the gold ring and bracelets.  Please help me to live Your way.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] לָבָן – Laban – Strongs 3837 – (n . m proper) – “Laban, name of a person, brother of Rebekah, son of Milcah to Nahor and father of Leah and Rachel/also name of a wilderness stop for the people of Israel = ‘white/white one”