When God does act to resolve my situation, I need to get flat on my face before Him

Genesis 24:24-27

24 And she said to him, “I’m the daughter of Bethuel, the son of Milcah who She gave birth to for Nahor.” 25 And she said to him, “(There is) also with us straw[1], also a lot of feed[2], and a place to stay the night.” 26 And the man knelt down[3] and bowed down (to the ground in worship)[4]  to (The Lord) Yahweh. 27 And he said, “Blessed (be The Lord) Yahweh, God of my owner and master Abraham, who didn’t abandon His kindness and His integrity[5] with my owner and master.  (The Lord) Yahweh led[6] me in the road (to) the house of my owner and master’s brother.


Abraham’s slave prayed, put the plan into action and then asked the questions to confirm that it really was God who had arranged things.

Rebekah answered that she was indeed from Abraham’s family line, confirming that all the other things that had happened were the sign from God.  However, without the correct answer, there was no miracle.

I need to be aware that circumstances alone do not assure me that God is in what I want to do or accomplish.  I need to have circumstances, God’s word and the peace that comes from the Holy Spirit.

Once the slave had the answer, he bowed to the ground, giving glory and honour to God.  He recognised that God had made his trip successful and honoured his master.  His faith seemed to be built up as he saw the miraculous answer and confirmation from God.

When God does act to resolve my situation, I need to get flat on my face before God and give Him the honour and the glory.  It’s imperative to both let my faith be built up and to give thanks to the One who has an answer for every situation.  God is good, and He can be trusted above and beyond anyone or anything else in the universe.


Father, thank you so much for your love and Your provision.  Please help me to be over the top in the way I praise You and give You thanks.  Thank you so much for the provision of new work, before I even sort out what’s happening with the old job.  Thank you so much for Your love for me.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] תֶּבֶן – teben ­– “straw/stubble/the stalk of a cereal grain plants/(as building material or fodder for livestock)

[2] מִסְפּּוֹא – micpow’ – Strongs 4554 – (n . m) – “fodder/feed/animal feed/plants stored to feed livestock”

[3] קָדַד – qadad – Strongs 6915 – (v) – “to bow down/bow down/bow low/bowed … to bow down/knweel down/bend head toward the ground, often whilst in the kneeling position” [Qal]

[4] שָׁחָה – shachah – Strongs 7812 – (v) – “prostrate/worship/worshiped/bow down/bow/bowed/bowed in worship/did homage/lie down/homage/weighs it down/depress/prostrate oneself/fall prostrate/be despondent … to bow down/fall prostrate [Qal] … to depress/be despondent/cause to weigh down (literal meaning) [Hifil] … to bow down/bow down to the ground in worship/prostrate oneself [Hitpael]”

[5] אֱמֶת – ʾemeth Strongs 751 – (n . f) – “truth/faithfulness/faithjfully/firmness/reliability/trustworthiness/true/certain/sure/sureness/reliability/continuance/lasting/enduring/honesty/integrity/right/faith/truthful/truth that you may correctly”

[6] נָחָה – nachah – Strongs 5148 – (v) – “to lead/guide/bring/brought/guided/led/left/put/stationed/create an opportunity/depend/rely on/trust in … lead/guide/enable others to move in a certain direction [Qal] …lead/guide/creat an opportunity [Hifil]