There’s no point in getting involved in a plan that God has no part of…

Genesis 24:18-21

18 And she said, “Drink, my owner and master,” and she hurried[1] and (let) her jar down on her hand and she gave him a drink. She finished[2] giving him a drink[3], and she said, “I’ll also draw (water) for your camels until they finish drinking.” 20 And she hurried and she poured out[4] her jar into the watering trough[5], and she continued to run to the well to draw (water) for all of his camels. 21 And the man, gazing[6] at her, remained silent[7], (waiting) to know whether or not (The Lord) Yahweh had made his way succeed.


And so here we have the answer to the slave’s prayer.  Rebekah came out of the city to collect water, she filled her jar, and started to go back, when Abraham’s slave chased her and asked for a drink of water.  Rebekah give him a drink, and then said that she would water his camels until they’d finished drinking.

Even then, with such an amazing and literal answer to prayer, the slave sat there, gazing at the girl in silence.  He was waiting for God to reveal that, indeed, He’d picked this girl for Isaac, and that the events that had taken place weren’t just a coincidence of some sort.

Even when it appears on the outside that everything is lining up as an answer to prayer, I still need to have God’s conformation that, whatever it is, is really His doing.  There’s no point in getting involved in a plan that God has no part of… and I should know… I’ve tried a few of them.  The most important partner in any deal is Yahweh… so why leave Him as the last person I consult with?


Father, thank you for all You have given me and all You continue to bestow on me.  Please help me to be grateful and to praise You at all times.  Please also help me to have Your assurance prior to me jumping into things.  Please lead me.  Please supply for me. Please see me, even though I feel no one is watching at all (other than to criticise).  Please help me to be strong, bold and faithful.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] מָהַר – mahar – Strongs 4554 – (v) – “impetuous/to hasten/be in a hurry/be anxious/fearful/disturbed/hurriedly/hasty/prepare quickly/do quickly/bring quickly/not exist (formally ‘be hurried away’)/soon/pay the purchase price for a bride … to hasten [Qal] … to be hurried/be anxious/hasty/precipitate/impetuous/rash/hurredact quickly and foolishly/fearful/disturbed/acted in a hurry due to severe distress/not exist/hurry away [Nifal] … to hasten/go in a hurry/make haste/prepare quickly/do quickly/do at once/be soon/do quickly with great energy/bring quickly [Piel]”

[2] כָּלָה – kalah – Strongs 3615 – (v) –  “finish/finished/consume/completed/accomplish/cease/consume/fail/be ended/be finished/put an end to/be destroyed/be wasted away/make an end/be ended/be complete/be plotted/to be spent/be used up/to waste away/be exhausted/vanish/perish/be destroyed/fulfill/bring to pass/accomplish/determine/exhaust/use up/spend/wear out/yearn/long for/be bent on/be full/grow weary/be concluded/be gone/complete destruction/wear out” … to be complete/to be at an end/to be completed/to be finished/be accomplished/be fulfilled/be determined/be plotted (in a bad sense)/to be spent/to be used up/to waste away/to be exhausted/to come to an end/to vanish/to perish/to be destroyed/be gone/to no longer exist/fulfil/hanging over [Qal] … to complete/to bring to an end/finish/to make an end/to end/to accomplish/to fulfil/to bring to pass/to determine/to put an and to/to cause to cease/to cause to fail/exhaust/use up/spend/destroy/exterminate /grow weary/wipe out/ravage/eliminate/consume [Piel] … to be finished/be ended/be completed/to be concluded/be full/be completely occupied [Pual]

[3] שָׁקָה – shaqah – Strongs 8248 – (v) – “to give to drink/give a drink/irrigate/water/drink/cause to drink water/to be watered/moist … were drunk [Nifal] … to drink/to irrigate/to water.give drink to [Hifil] …to be watered/to be given drink/moist [Pual] ”

[4] עָרָה – ʿarah – “cause to happen/to bare/be nude/uncover/leave destitute/dishonor/cause disgrace/water plant/reed/bare place/pour out/ empty out/be exposed/strip bare/make naked”

[5] שֹׁקֶת – shoqeth – Strongs 8268 – (n . f) – “watering trough/troughs/trough/vessel used for watering animals/drining container for animals”

[6] שָׁאָה, שָׁאָה – shaʾah – “roar/blare/crash/make a din/rush along/move fast/crash into ruins/be ruined/be left (desolate)/lie wasted/cause to crash/turn into a state of desolation/watch closely/look at/regard/gaze at/behold/look about/look away/cause to gaze or turn away/look in dismay”

[7] חָרַשׁ, חָרֵשׁ – charash – Strongs 2790 – (v)  – “engraving/be inscribed/cut in/ploug/plow/cut a furrow in the eart/plowed/engrave/devise/be ploughed/plot evil/to be silent/keep quiet/make silent/be deaf/show deafness/remain silent”