I need to operate out of kingdom principals and to be drawn by kingdom promises, rather than pursue my own ends.

Genesis 24:15-16

15 And it was, before he had finished speaking, look[1], Rebekah[2], who was born to Bethuel[3] the son of Milcah[4]the wife of Nahor the brother of Abraham, was coming out and her jar (was) on her shoulder[5]16 and the young lady was very good looking[6], a virgin, and no man had known her.  And she came down to the eye (of the water… that is, the well) and she filled her jar and went up.


Today, there were just two verses… all pertaining to the names of the latter eight sons of Ishmael.

The first revelation for me was that Ishmael, like Isaac, had twelve sons… I seem to have forgotten that fact, and how the lives of the two men paralleled in that way… It almost seems like a contrast between the kingdom of God’s promise and the kingdom of man.  There’s nothing wrong (from a worldly perspective) with the kingdom of man, but it can never achieve the purposes of God.

I need to operate out of kingdom principals and to be drawn by kingdom promises, rather than pursue my own ends.

The final eight of Ishmael’s sons were Mishma (meaning “what was heard”), Dumah (meaning “silence”), Massa (meaning “load” or “what was lifted or carried”), Hadad (meaning “fierce”), Tema (meaning “desert”), Jetur (meaning “enclosed”), Naphish (meaning “refreshment”) and Kedemah (meaning “toward the east”).


Father, I would love to trust You more and I believe that there is an element of that which You provide.  Please give me Holy Spirit so that I act boldly.  Please let me be transformed from a cowardly disciple to an unstoppable apostle… Please let me have the Pentecost experience of Your power to enable me to live for Your glory, as opposed to mine.  Please help me to walk by your kingdom principles and to stop all the complaining that comes out my mouth.  O God, I need to change… I’m working on it, and I ask please for your help!!

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] הִנֵּה – hinneh – Strongs 2009 – (dem) – “Behold!/indeed/Here!/Look!/There!/See!/lo/if/a call to attention/go/how/if/if he sees/if he has/now/surely/unless”

[2] רִבְקָה – Ribqah – Strongs 7259 – (n . f proper) – “Rebekah, name of the daughter of Bethuel, Nahor’s (Abraham’s brother’s) Grandaugther, sister to Laban, wife of Isaac and mother to Jacob and Esau = ‘ensnarer’”

[3] בְתוּאֵל – Bâthuw’el – Strongs 1328 – (n . m proper) – “Bethuel, name of Nahor and Milchah’s eighth son, father of Rebekah and nephew of Abraham/name of a town in the south of Simeon = ‘God destroys’ OR ‘man of God”

[4] מִלְכָּה – Milkah – Strongs 4435 – (n . f Proper) – “Milcah, name of Nahor’s wife (and his niece, Haran’s daughter)/name of Zelophehad’s daughter, a granddaughter of Manasseh = ‘queen’”

[5] שְׁכֶם – shâkem – Strongs 7926 – (n .m) – “shoulder/back/shoulder-blade/upper back/ridge “

[6] מַרְאֶה – marʾeh – Strongs 4758 – (n . m) – “sight/a sight/appearance/pattern/vision/what is seen/clearness/huge”