… a totally selfless action.

Genesis 24:12-14

12 And he said, “(Lord) Yahweh, God of my owner and master, Abraham, now make (it) happen before today (finishes) and cause favour with my owner and master Abraham. 13 Look, I (am) standing over the eye of the water and the daughters of the men of the city are coming out to draw water. 14 And let it be, the young woman that I say to, ‘Reach out[1] (with) your jar[2] now and let me drink,’ and she says, ‘You drink and I’ll also water your camels,’ You have chosen[3] (her) for your servant, for Isaac, and in her I’ll know that You’ve shown favour with my owner and master.


So, Abraham’s slave is outside the city of Nahor… he doesn’t go looking for Abraham’s family, he just prays, and says, “OK, God, here’s my plan…”   It’s not like we’re told that God spoke to him or that he prayed for three days so that he would know what to do.  He just pulled up at the well outside the city of Nahor, and told God what he wanted Him to do.

Abraham’s slave wasn’t that familiar with God, or at least that’s the impression I get… He didn’t say, “My God, please help my master…”  but he said, “Yahweh, God of my master, Abraham…”  Accordingly, two things become abundantly clear: A) under the right circumstances, a person can put a plan to God in faith, and (as I’m sure we’ll see) it will come about…. And B) a person doesn’t have to know God all that well for their prayer to work.

The plan was pretty amazing…. The slave proposed that he would ask a girl for a drink, and that she would offer to spend the next several hours in the sun, filling up his camels with water, too… not very likely… but, again, we’ll soon see it happen.

I can put the things of my heart to God in faith, and, if it’s according to his will, I can expect it to come about.  Perhaps one thought to keep in mind is that here, the slave had nothing to gain.  He was fulfilling Abraham’s instructions only… a totally selfless action.


Father, please help me to know what to ask and how to ask for it.  I have so much, and my whole life should be full of gratitude and praise… Yet I seem to continually want more.  Please help me to serve You and Your purposes and to ask boldly for those things that will enable You to work.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] נָטָה – natah – Strongs 5186 – (v) – “to stretch out/outstretched/extend/spread out/pitch/turn/pervert/incline/bend/cause to bend/bow/turn aside/hold out/influence/thrust aside/thrust away/plot/win over/give/stay/measure/brandish”

[2] “jar/large jar/pitcher/earthen container for carrying water of flour”

[3] יָכַח – yakach – Strongs 3198 – (v) – “to prove/decide/judge/rebuke/reprove/argue/correct/to reason/to convict/to argue/vindicated/rebuke/chastened/complain/accuse/choose”