The key is to make sure that I hear God first, and then I can lead others.

Genesis 24:4-9

4 Because you’re to go to my land and to my relatives[1], and take a wife for my son… for Isaac.” 5 And the slave said to (Abraham), “Perhaps, the woman won’t be willing[2] to follow[3] me to this land.  (Must)[4] I return your son to the land that you came out from[5]?” 6 But Abraham said to him, “Guard yourself if[6] you (ever) cause my son to return there! 7 (The Lord) Yahweh, God of the heavens, who took me from my father’s house and from the land of my relatives, and who spoke to me, and who promised me with an oath, ‘This land belongs to your seed,’ … He’ll send an angel before you, and you’ll take a wife for my son from there. 8 And, if the woman isn’t willing to follow you, then you’ll be cut off[7] from this oath you promised me, only you’re not to return my son there.” 9 And the slave put his hand under the thigh of Abraham his owner and master, and he made a promise with an oath over this matter.

Well, it was easy to pick the times earlier in Abraham’s life when he perhaps didn’t act with the faith expected from a Bible hero.  However, in this passage, his faith absolutely speaks to me.  He told his slave to go back to his old land, to his relations there, and bring back a wife for Isaac, his son.  The slave said, “What if she won’t come?  Do I have to drag Isaac there?” 

“No way!” said Abraham, “God will send an angel before you, and she’ll come alright!” … amazing faith… Abraham went on… “In fact, I’m so confident that she’ll come that I’ll release you from your vow if she doesn’t… but, by the way, you’d better watch yourself (a curse threat) if you EVER take my son back there.”

And the slave was convinced, and took the oath swearing by Abraham’s testicles… I’m not sure that I’m quite over that one…

The take away is that God does give me direction, I’m to trust Him, take Him at His word and then stand with certainty that God will come through on His promise to me.  When I hear from God, I can make clear decisions and confidently cause others to make good decisions, too.  The key is to make sure that I hear God first, and then I can lead others.


Father, please speak to me clearly, and often, if You wouldn’t mind.  Please teach me to know Your voice among all the other voices.  Please cause me to understand who You are, who You really are, and to always walk with You and according to Your plan.  Please help me to see me as You see me, to take the fig leaves off, and stroll with You in the cool of the evening (and other times, too).

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] מֹולֶדֶת – mowledeth – Strongs 4138 – (n . f) – “kindred/birth/offspring/relatives/circumstances of birth/one born/begotten/issue/offspring/female offspring/native/family”

[2] אָבָה – ’abah – Strongs 14 – (v) – “to be willing/consent/yield to/accept/agree to demands/voluntarily accept and consent to a situation”

[3] “go after”

[4] Tautological infinitive

[5] “from there”

[6] פֶּן – pen – Strongs 6435 – “or/otherwise/else/so/otherwise you might/perhaps/lest/not/beware/so that not/might/would/not/because/might”

[7] נָקָה – naqah – Strongs 5352 – (v) – “go unpunished/leave unpunishedfree/completely acquitted/banished/empty/clear/free/innocent/exempt from punishment/to hold innocent/to acquit/acquitted/be empty/be clear/be free/be clean/be cut off/be pure/be cleaned out/be purged out/to be free from guilt/destitute/avenge/avenged/released” …go unpunished/be pardoned/be empty/be clean/be pure [Qal]… be cleaned out/be purged out/released/go unpunished/innocent/banished/cutoff/forced to live in another place.destitute/emptied/be in lack of even the essentials [Nifal] …leave unpunished/consider innocent/hold innocent/acquit [Piel]