You Need Help!

Genesis 2:19-20

19 And (The Lord) Yahweh God formed[1] every living (thing) of the field and every bird of the sky from the ground, and he brought (each) to the man to see what he would call it.  And every (name) that the man called that living soul… it (became) its name. 20 And the man called names for all the animals, for the birds of the sky and for all the living (things) of the field, but a helper[2] as an equal to him[3] wasn’t found.


It’s like God wanted the man to recognise that he needed help… something that men are still not all that good at, well, I’m not anyway.

God’s plan was interesting… “Let’s run everything else we’ve created past Adam (i.e. “the man,” since Adam is just the Hebrew word for “man”).  Let’s get him to call each thing by a name that he sees fit, and see if he recognises that he needs help?”

So, Adam called out a name for each and every living thing.  Accordingly, he was the first botanist on earth, and, when he got to then end of the list, it became clear, at least to God (who would have known already) that there wasn’t a helper in creation that came close to being equal to Adam… so much for a dog being man’s best friend.

Somehow, I think God wants me to recognise that I can’t do everything on my own, even when I have Him at my side.  No person since Adam has been as close to God as Adam was, except Jesus, and it was apparent that Adam needed a helper, an equal, to be with him and share the life experience… even though he walked with God.  A wife is something exceptional (perhaps, even a husband might be, too) since it was God’s intention to present someone of equal status and value to help the man.


Father, please help me to appreciate the person you have given to me as my helper.  Remind me often how special that person is, being equal to me in every way… and that without them, I’m not in such a good place.
In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] יָצַר – yatsar – Strongs 3335 – (v) – “formed/formingmaker/made/form/fashion/fashioning/fashions/frame/pre-ordain/plan/to be formed/be created/potter/earthenwaremaker/potters”

[2] עֵזֶר – ʿezer – Strongs 5828 – (n . m) – “help/succour/one who helps/helper/assistant/assistance/strength/boy/lad”

[3] נֶגֶד – neged – Strongs 5048 – (adverb / substantive) – “before/in front of/what is conspicuous/what is in front of itself/in front/straight forward/before/in sight of/before your face/nearby/in the sight or presence of/opposite/at a distance from/as far as the from of/counterpart/object that is corresponding to another like object/parra;;e; to/equal to/over/for/counterpart”