Eat From All, except One.

Genesis 2:16-18

16 And (The Lord) Yahweh God commanded[1] over the man to say, “You may (certainly) eat from all the trees of the garden, 17 but you are not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, because, in the day you eat from it, you will (certainly) die.”18 And (The Lord) Yahweh God said, “(It’s) not good (for) the man to be alone.  I’ll make a helper[2] for him… as an equal to him[3].


Yahweh commanded the man and told him to certainly eat from all the trees in the garden, except one!  Yahweh said, Don’t eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, because, in the day you eat from it, you’ll certainly die.

It’s clear that Adam knew the difference between right and wrong already.  For instance, he knew that God had commanded him not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but it was perfectly OK to eat from all the other trees.

Why is it that I keep searching for more knowledge about good and evil, when I already know enough to do what God has commanded?

God saw the man was hopeless on his own, something that every woman since has agreed with… However, when God made a helper for Adam, it wasn’t someone to rule over, or someone to fix him up and rule over him.  This helper was like his equal, parallel to him, corresponding to him.

God intended man and woman to become one, to complement each other. 


Father, thank you for Your presence and Your healing power.  Thank you that You are alive and able to do the impossible.  Thank you for the times when You have already done the impossible, and please, would You be so kind as to do the impossible again?  Please help me to praise and be thankful, never again to grumble and certainly not to get angry with You, because I haven’t heard clearly.
In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] צָוָה – tsavah – Strongs 669/0 – (v) – “to command/charge/give orders/lay charge/order/lay charge upon/give charge to/give command to/appoint/give charge over/ordain/be commanded/commission/forbidden”

[2] עֵזֶר – ʿezer – Strongs 5828 – (n . m) – “help/succour/one who helps/helper/assistant/assistance/strength/boy/lad”

[3] נֶגֶד – neged – Strongs 5048 – (adverb / substantive) – “before/in front of/what is conspicuous/what is in front of itself/in front/straight forward/before/in sight of/before your face/nearby/in the sight or presence of/opposite/at a distance from/as far as the from of/counterpart/object that is corresponding to another like object/parra;;e; to/equal to/over/for/counterpart”