Some situations are desperate.

Genesis 21:15-16

15 The water from the leather container ran out[1], (so) she sent the child under a[2] bush[3], 16 and she went and she sat herself down opposite (him), removed[4] a shot[5]  of a bow (away), because she said, “Don’t let me look on the death of the child.”   She sat down opposite and lifted up he voice and she cried[6].


Hagar and Ishmael, having been driven out of the household by Abraham and Sarah (because Ishmael laughed mockingly at Isaac’s party), wandered around in the wilderness until they ran out of water.  At that time, Hagar left Ishmael, who I think was about sixteen, under a bush and she went and sat down at a distance, opposite, but a shot of a bow away.  She sat down away from him, and she said, “Don’t let me see the boy die,” and she lifted up her voice and cried.

Some situations are desperate.  Sometimes there’s nothing anyone can do… perhaps it’s even a good time to remember that Jesus said, “Apart from me you can do nothing.”

It would actually be a lot wiser for me to shortcut a lot of the heartache and go to God in prayer in the first place.  The moment I find myself in the wilderness is the moment I need to get on my knees and lift up my voice.  No matter how I look at it, there’s little value in wandering in the desert… In the desert, I’m bound to run out of food and water, but when I get on my knees, I appeal to the One who makes a roadway in the wilderness, rivers of water in the desert.


Father, please come to me, here, in the wilderness.  Please provide food and water.  Please direct my paths and stop the wandering.  Please show me Your purposes for my life and give me the courage to say, “Yes,” and move into them.  Fill me Holy Spirit, and let my days be filled with excitement in serving You and seeing people won into Your kingdom.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] כָּלָה – kalah – Strongs 3615 – (v) –  “finish/finished/consume/completed/accomplish/cease/consume/fail/be ended/be finished/put an end to/be destroyed/be wasted away/make an end/be ended/be complete/be plotted/to be spent/be used up/to waste away/be exhausted/vanish/perish/be destroyed/fulfill/bring to pass/accomplish/determine/exhaust/use up/spend/wear out/yearn/long for/be bent on/be full/grow weary/be concluded/be gone/complete destruction/wear out” … to be complete/to be at an end/to be completed/to be finished/be accomplished/be fulfilled/be determined/be plotted (in a bad sense)/to be spent/to be used up/to waste away/to be exhausted/to come to an end/to vanish/to perish/to be destroyed/be gone/to no longer exist/fulfil/hanging over [Qal] … to complete/to bring to an end/finish/to make an end/to end/to accomplish/to fulfil/to bring to pass/to determine/to put an and to/to cause to cease/to cause to fail/exhaust/use up/spend/destroy/exterminate /grow weary/wipe out/ravage/eliminate/consume [Piel] … to be finished/be ended/be completed/to be concluded/be full/be completely occupied [Pual]

[2] “one”

[3] שִׂיחַ – siyach – Strongs 7880 – (n . m) – “plant/bush/bushes/shrub”

[4] רָחַק – rachaq – Strongs 7368 – (v) – “remove far/keep far/put away/put far/shun/stand aloof/went far/be far off/be far/send far away/avoid/sever/cut off/cut in two (or more)/be distant/go far/send away/extend/remove/put far away to be or become far/to be or become distant/be removed/go far away”

[5] טָחַה – tachah – Strongs 2909 – (v) – “bowshot … to hurl/shoot [Qal] … a shot [Piel participle] (Genesis 21:16)

[6] בָּכָה – bakah – Strongs 1058 – (v) – “to weep/bewail/cry/sob/weep for/mourn/weep bitterly/lamenting”