It would appear to me that God places a greater value on promise and His plans than he even does on the immediate comfort of people.

Genesis 21:11-14

11 And the matter was very evil in Abraham’s eyes on account[1] of his son. 12 But God said to Abraham, “Don’t let this be evil in your eyes because of the young man and because of your female slave.   All that Sarah said to you … listen to her voice because a seed will be called for you in Isaac. 13 And also, I’ll make the son of the Female slave into a nation because he (is) your seed. 14 And Abraham got up early in the morning and took food and a leather container[2] of water, and gave them to Hagar.  Putting it on her shoulder[3] and the child, he sent her away[4], and she went and wandered[5] in the wilderness of Beer-sheba[6].


Another not so good day for Hagar.  Hagar had come back to Sarah after running away some years before.  As far as we know, she had been submissive and a good member of the household.  However, now, because her boy, who was also Abraham’s son, mocked his half-brother, Isaac, Hagar threw a tantrum and wanted both of them turfed out.  Now, that would be bad enough on its own, but then God told Abraham, “Don’t feel bad about it, listen to Sarah’s voice and send them away.   Don’t worry, I’ll make Ishmael a nation because he’s your son, but drive them out of your house.”

So, Abraham gave Hagar and Ishmael some bread and water, and they went off to wander in the wilderness.  What was God thinking?  What was Abraham thinking?  Where was the justice in this?

It would appear to me that God places a greater value on promise and His plans than he even does on the immediate comfort of people.  God wanted to protect Abraham’s seed, which was to be called in Isaac.  God knows the end from the beginning and He knows what’s best for me… even if that means getting rid of the results of my own efforts.  I’m called to place all my hope on the promise of God


Father, I don’t understand putting Hagar and Ishmael out and driving them away.  However, if there’s anything in my life that separates me from your promise, I pray that you’ll identify it and cause me to get rid of it.  I long to serve you in Spirit and in truth, and ask for Your grace to do so.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

[1] אוֹדוֹצ – ’owdowth – Strongs 182 – ((n . f) “cause/reason for/sake/the occasion of/account/because”

[2] חֵמֶת – chemeth – Strongs 2573 – (n . m) – “bottle/waterskin/skin/skin container for holding water/leather container”

[3] שְׁכֶם – shâkem – Strongs 7927 – (n proper . m) – “Shechem, name of a place, city in Mannesseh/Shechem, name of a peron.. son of Hamor = ‘back/shoulder’””

[4] שָׁלַח – shalach – Strongs 7971 – (v) – “send/sent/sent away/sent her away/sent him away/let go/let them go/send me away/stretched/stetch forth/spread/send out/send away/sent away/stretched/reach/reach out/to set free/let go/let stray/let grow/give a child in marriage/be thrust/be abandoned/send off/let down/stretch out/atrestch out/extend/direct/to send away/dismiss/give over/cast out/set free/to let down/shoot/to be sent off/be put away/be divorced/be impelled/forlorn/remove/rushed/pointing/spreads/let go/surely let go/throw/thrown/thrust/urgently send/use/will”

[5] תָּעָה – taʿah – Strongs 8582 – (v) – “wander/go astray/wander about/deceive oneself/spread out/to err/made to stagger/led astray/mislead/spread out/falter/deceive oneself”

[6] בְאֵר שֶׁבַע – bâ’er sheba‘ – Strongs 884 – (n . proper) – “Beersheba, name of a city in the Negev at the south edge of Israel = ‘well of the seven/well of sevenwell of the seven fold oath’”