Although both Sarah and Abraham laughed in God’s face when he said that they would have a child, Yahweh God still kept the deal.

Genesis 21:3-7

3 And Abraham called the name of his son born to him, who Sarah gave birth to for him, Isaac[1], 4 Abraham circumcised Isaac his son (as) a son of eight days (old), just as God had commanded him, 5 and Abraham (was) a son of (a) hundred years (old) when Isaac his son was born to him. 6 And Sarah said, “God made laughter[2] for me … everyone who hears will laugh[3] with[4] me. 7 And she said, “Who (would have) said[5] Sarah would breast feed[6] sons for Abraham? … because I gave birth to a son in his old age.”


I love that, although both Sarah and Abraham laughed in God’s face (well, behind his back, they thought) when he said that they would have a child, Yahweh God still kept the deal.  It wasn’t a matter of Abraham’s great faith or Sarah taking God at His word, but about God being slow to anger, quick to forgive and abounding in love.  That’s surely the God who I need.

Then Abraham called the boy “Isaac,” meaning, “he laughs,” or “he will laugh.”  Sarah immediately interpreted this as God’s making laughter for her.  Evidently, the laughter had gone out of life.  Perhaps the future looked empty and there certainly was no heir for the family fortune.  The play on words, though is amazing… when Sarah laughed at God’s words, and then lied and argued that she didn’t, it was laughter of cynicism, pride and unbelief.  However, God brought laughter of great joy, hope and reason for trust.

Sarah said, “Who would have though Sarah would bread feed a baby?”  But with God all things are possible, and seeing God at work will cause some people to hand their whole lives over, which I believe to be the case with Abraham and Sarah… simple people who were seeking God, imperfect and sinful, but still with hearts that yearned for Him.


God, please let my heart be in constant search for you.  Please bring me to a point where I recognise that You not only can do anything, but You will fulfil Your promises to me.   Forgive me for doubting and laughing, and please give me hope and trust.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] יִצְחָק – Yitschaq – Strongs 3327 – (n . m proper) – “Isaac, name of Abrahm’s son of promise whose mother was Sarah = ‘he laughs’”

[2] צְחֹק – tsâchoq – Strongs 6712 – (n . m) – “laughter/laughing stock/laughed/the resultant vocalisation of joy or ridicule”

[3] צָחַק – tsachaq – Strongs 6711 – (v) – “laugh/laughed/laughing/mocking/make sport/jesting/caressing/play … to laugh [Qal] … to jest/make sport/play/toy with/mock/caress/engage in foreplay [Piel]

[4] “for/to”

[5] מָלַל – malal – Strongs 4448 – (v) – “to speak/utter/say … to speak [Qal] … to say/utter/speak/proclaim/publically announce [Piel]”

[6] יָנַק, מֵינֶקֶת, נוּק – yanaq – Strongs 3243 – (v) – “to suck/suckling/babe/to give suck to/nursing/nursing woman/breast feeding/nurse/give nourishment”