It’s never too late. There’s nothing too difficult for God

Genesis 21:1-2

1 And (The Lord) Yahweh visited[1] Sarah just as He said, and (The Lord) Yahweh did for Sarah just as He said. 2 And Sarah became pregnant and gave birth to a son to Abraham in his old age[2] at the appointed time[3] that God had said to him.


It’s interesting that God visited Sarah and she became pregnant just after Abraham prayed for Abimelech’s household so that they could also start having children.  It seems almost as if the two events are connected…  Just perhaps, what I pray for others, God will also do for me… Maybe it’s not just what I do to others that returns to me, but also what I pray for them and even what I think about them and their situations.  I’d be best to get into the habit of being happy when other people succeed and being delighted when good things (perhaps even the good thing I wanted for myself) happens to someone else.

Then there are these three phrases:

a)   “just as He (God/Yahweh) said,

  1. “at the appointed time,” and
  2. “in his old age.”

God never fails to keep His promises.  I can be sure that all the promises of God are “Yes!” in Christ Jesus.

My timing isn’t necessarily God’s timing.  Just because God’s promise doesn’t happen in the timeframe and/or manner that I think it should, has no bearing at all on whether He is faithful.

It’s never too late.  There’s nothing too difficult for God, and He can still use me regardless of my current age or status.


Father, please help me to see what Your promises are to me, that You have promised life, healing, provision of everything I need, and thank you that You are always faithful.  Please forgive me for putting my terms and conditions on what You do for me, and help me to wait for Your appointed time, knowing that Your timing is perfect and that You’re not done with me yet… there’s plenty more work and blessing that You have for me.  Thank you!

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] פָּקַד, פְּקוּדִים, פֶּקֶר – paqad – Strongs 6485 – (v) – “be counted/recorded/mustered/visit/reckon/count//look after/care for/call to arms/be in charge/visit upon/punish/place/put/commit/pay attention to/care/be missing/for/need/miss/lack/number/appoint/assign/overseer/charge/need/miss/lack/entrusted/happen/set over/make overseer/entrust/commit for care/concerned/expenses”

[2] זָקֻן – zaqun – Strongs 2208 – (n . m) – “old age/extreme old age/advanced stage of life/state of being advanced in years”

[3] מֹועֵד – mowʿed, moʿed – Strongs 4150 – (n . f) – “appointed place/appointed time/sacred season/seasons/unit of time/feast/set feast/appointed sign or signal/army”