Why do I underestimate God’s power, how He works and the fact that even the simple things of life are directly controlled by Him?

Genesis 20:16-18

16 And he said to Sarah, “Look, I gave your brother a thousand (pieces of) silver.  Look, it’s for you, covering the eyes of all with you and all (others)… and (she was the) one proved right[1]? 17 And Abraham prayed to God, and God healed Abimelech, his wife and his female slaves[2], and they gave birth… 18 because (The Lord) Yahweh (certainly) stopped[3] (children coming) from[4] all the wombs of the house of Abimelech over the matter of Sarah the wife of Abraham.


In addition to the freedom to live safely anywhere they wanted, Abimelech told Sarah that he had given Abraham (notably, in this instance, her brother, rather than her husband) a thousand pieces of silver covering the eyes of all with them and everyone else… in other words, money to cover up her shame and silence anything that may have been said against Abimelech.

Then Abraham prayed for Abimelech, and God answered and opened the wombs of his wife and his slave girls, and they began to have children again… because, so says Scripture, that God had certainly stopped or shut the wombs from bearing children…. And all over the matter of Sarah, Abraham’s wife.

Why do I underestimate God’s power, how He works and the fact that even the simple things of life are directly controlled by Him?  Why do I doubt that God will supply when I cannot supply for myself?  If God would heal Abimelech’s household, won’t God heal mine?  If God answered the prayer of a rather wayward Abraham, won’t He answer all who call on His name.


Father, I so need You in everything I face and do.  Please let me understand Your ways, see Your plans for my life and help me to outwork them… dumping my own plans joyfully because Yours are so much better.  Please open my eyes to who You are, and open my ears to what You are saying.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] יָכַח – yakach – Strongs 3198 – (v) – “to prove/decide/judge/rebuke/reprove/argue/correct/to reason/to convict/to argue/vindicated/rebuke/chastened/complain/accuse/choose”

[2] אָמָה – ʾamah – Strongs 519 – (n . f) – “maidservant/maid/female/maid-servant/female slave/maid/handmaid/concubine/slave woman/female servant/servant/handmaid”

[3] עָצַר – ʿatsar – Strongs 6113 – (v) – “shut/bound/to restrain/retain/close up/shut/withhold/refrain/stay/detain/halt/stop/to be restrained/be stayed/be under restraint/checked/could/detain/held back/restricted/rule/slow down/stopped/be enslaved/be able”

[4] בַּעַד, בַּעַד – ʿad – Strongs 1157 – (preposition) – “behind/through/round about/on behalf of/away from/about/over/for/what concerns”