God just doesn’t seem to reward Abraham according to his just desserts, but according to grace and favour.

Genesis 20:13-15

13 And it was, when God caused me to wander[1] from the house of my father, I said to her, “This (is) your kindness[2] that you are to show[3] for[4] me at every the place that that we enter… say for me, ‘He is my brother.’” 14 And Abimelech took sheep and goats, cattle, (male) slaves and female slaves[5], and gave (them) to Abraham and he returned Sarah his wife to him. 15 And Abimelech said, “Look, my land is before you.  Live wherever[6] (is) good in your eyes.


Apparently, Abraham had primed Sarah to say, “He’s my brother.” at every place they went, hoping it would save his life from being lost to the locals.

Abraham seemed to have lived in constant fear that he would be done away with on account of his beautiful wife.  However, we also see that Abraham had men who could fight against kings and win, as they did against those who raided the plain where Sodom and Gomorrah were.  Abraham’s fear seems to be somewhat irrational… but, then, isn’t that how the spirit of fear causes a person to behave?

In the end, for his fear, lies and betrayal, Abraham is given honour and wealth, and allowed to live in safety anywhere he thinks is good…. Sounds just like what I get in Christ Jesus.

God just doesn’t seem to reward Abraham according to his just desserts, but according to grace and favour.  In Christ, this is also the way that The Father rewards me… not according to my rights and what I deserve, but according to His love for me…  What I need to do is believe it and accept it.


Father, please help me to trust You…. Not only that You are God and that You are able to help, but that You are always good, that You always love me, that You always intend the best for me, and that you are working every single thing together in my best interests.  Help me to live out of a faith that expects You to be good and give me abundantly more than I could ever earn or deserve.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] תָּעָה – taʿah – Strongs 8582 – (v) – “wander/go astray/wander about/deceive oneself/spread out/to err/made to stagger/led astray/mislead/spread out/falter/deceive oneself”

[2] חֶסֶד, חֶסֶד – checed – Strongs 2617 – (n . m) – “loyal/love/unfailing kindness/devotion/glory/lovely appearance/favour/unfailing kindness/lovingkindness/unchanging love/repraoch/shame/disgrace/a moral evil that is sexual misbehaviour, with a focus on the embarrassing behaviour before God or society/that which causes feelings of sorrow for a behaviour”

[3] עָשָׂה – asah – Strongs 6213 – (v) – “do/be done/happen/make/fashion/be made/cause/bring about/work/labour/do/assign/cause another to have a particular task of function, usually with assumption of responsibilities/gain/make profit/celebrate/commit/carry/brought/prepare/show/work/workmen/yield/maintain/provide/practice/show/use/workmen/observe/caress/fondle/feel/touch/press and squeeze the body as part o the sexual act”

[4] עִמָּד – immad – Strongs 5978 – (preposition) – “with/by uponmine/against/surround”

[5] שִׁפְחָה – shiphchah – Strongs 8198 – (n . f) – “female slave/low status/maid/maid-servant/of address/speaker/humility/servant”

[6] “in”