Despite the deceit, the assumptions I make and my betrayal of God as my friend, He still loves me, wants me as His child and is going to use me enormously.

Genesis 20:8-12

8 And Abimelech got up early in in the morning and called to all his slaves, and he spoke all these words in their hearing, and the men were very afraid. 9 And Abimelech called for Abraham, and said to him, “What have you done to us?  And what sin have I committed[1] against you that you have brought a great sin to me and to my kingdom? … Actions that are not done … you did to[2] me.” 10 And Abimelech said to Abraham, “What did you see that you did these things?” 11 And Abraham said, “Because I said, “For certain[3], there’s no fear of God in this place, and they’ll murder me over the matter of my wife. 12 And also, she really[4] (is) my sister, the daughter of my father, only not the daughter of my mother, and she is a wife for me.


Abimelech checked out his dream with all his servants, well, slaves, and they were terrified.  So, Abimelech summoned Abraham, and asked him why he’d committed such treachery against him and his kingdom.  He asked what Abraham had seen to cause him to do such a thing?

Abraham was quick on his feet, not necessarily politically correct, but armed with lots of excuses…

  1. “I looked around, saw that you were godless and violent, and assumed you’d kill me because of my wife,”
  2. “Well, she actually is my half sister.  She’s my father’s daughter, just to a different mother, so I didn’t really lie to you… I just left off the bit about us being married… oh, and I let you take her without any argument… forgot about that bit…”

If I was Abimelech, and I was upset with Abraham before, I think I’d be even more upset after… but despite the deceit, the assumptions and the betrayal, there’s no disputing that God loved Abraham.

Same goes for me… Despite the deceit, the assumptions I make and my betrayal of God as my friend, He still loves me, wants me as His child and is going to use me enormously.  I need to stop worrying about me, and start praising him.


Father God, forgive me for my wrong attitudes, my lies and for betraying You.  I can’t do this, the serving You thing, on my own.  I need You.  I need Your provision, Your wisdom, and I thank you that even though I keep messing up, I have Your constant love and protection.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] חָטָא, חֶטְאָה, חָטָא – chataʾ – Strongs 2398 – (v) – “sin/miss/miss the way/go wrong/incur guilt/forfeit/purify/to bear loss/make a sin offering/to purify from sin/purify from uncleanness/miss the mark/induce to sin/cause to sin/bring into guilt and condemnation or punishment/to missoneself/lose oneself/wander from the way/fail to reach/err/retreat”

[2] עִמָּד – immad – Strongs 5978 – (preposition) – “with/by uponmine/against/surround”

[3] רַק – raq – Strongs 7535 – (adj) – “thin/lean/gaunt/lank/only/altogether/nought but/altogether/save/except/if only/surely/exclusively/but/however/nevertheless”

[4] אָמְנָה – amnah – Strongs 546 – (adverb) – “verily/truly/indeed/really/actually/truly”