Why do I put so much weight on what I can achieve and how good I can get, when God just gives me everything in His love for me?

Genesis 20:6-7

6 And God also said to him in the dream, “I, I know that you did this in the integrity[1] of your heart, and I, I still held you held back[2]   from sinning against me.  Because of this I haven’t give you (over) to touch[3] her. 7 And now, return the wife of the man, because he is a prophet and he’ll pray on your behalf[4] and you’ll live…  but, if there is no returning (her), know that you’ll (certainly) die, (along with) all who belong to you.


God spoke again to Abimelech, and said, “I knew you were innocent.  That’s why I didn’t let you touch her.  However, you’d better hand the woman back to her husband.  After all, he’s actually a prophet, he’ll pray for you, and you’ll live!!  Don’t hand her back… and you’re dead meat!”

Seems to me to be a pretty stern warning to a guy who, to his knowledge, hadn’t even done anything wrong…. But somehow, I think God knows the heart… and in warning Abimelech, it would give safe passage to Abraham and Sarah.

This is also the first mention of a prophet in the Bible… not that I’m a big fan of first mentions… but, it’s the first time in Genesis, and probably in history when someone was designated a prophet by God … and it was Abraham, and he was given the title by God Himself.  It’s just that, despite the elevation that Abraham has as father of the nation, to father of nations, to father of faith, he had just failed…. Yet again… and God was right there to protect him and his wife, despite his sin and failure.

Why do I put so much weight on what I can achieve and how good I can get, when God just gives me everything in His love for me?


Father, I so need You.  I would disqualify myself from ever doing or being anything in Your sight, but You have made me worthy and righteous through the inexpressibly precious blood of Jesus.  Please help me to know my place in Your sight, to hear Your voice and to do what You say.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] תֹּם – tom = Strongs 8537 – (n . m) – “integrity/completeness/fullness/innocence/blamelessness/simplicity/integrity/random happening/last/full measure/full”

[2] חָשַׂךְ – chasak – “withhold/restrain/hold back/bring relief/relieved/keep in check/keep back/keep for oneself/keep from/spare/reserve/to assuage/be spared”

[3] נָגַע – nagaʿ – Strongs 5060 – (v) – “to touch/touches/touching/touched/reach/strike/extend/driven back/plagued/be stricken/be defeated/approach/arrive/attain/attained/attains/bring down/came/cast/close/draw near/follows/stuck/happened/plagued/pretended to be beaten/threw/come/befall”

[4] בַּעַד, בַּעַד – ʿad – Strongs 1157 – (preposition) – “behind/through/round about/on behalf of/away from/about/over/for/what concerns”