THe Holy Spirit

Genesis 2:12-14

12 And the gold of that land was good.  There (was also) gum-resin[1] and onyx[2] stone. 13 And the name of the second river (was the) Gihon[3].  It was surrounding all the land of Cush 14 And the name of the third river (was the) Tigris[4].  It went to the east (towards) Assyria[5].  And the fourth river… it (was the) Euphrates[6].


So, the gold was good in the land of Havilah.  However, at the time, there were no shops, no other people, and there wasn’t even a woman to admire it as a material for adornment.  I find it interesting that gold would be considered so precious at a time when there was no need for it, or value in it.  I guess Moses was just reinforcing how beautiful and rich the land of Havilah was in the beginning.  There was also resin-gum and Onyx stone, neither of which I have ever thought to be so irresistible… but, again, it seems they were a sign of wealth and power to the ancient Hebrews.

The three other rivers were the Gihon, “Giychown” in Hebrew, meaning “breaking forth,” the Tigris, “Chiddeqel” in Hebrew, meaning “rapid,” and the Euphrates, “Parath” in Hebrew, meaning “fruitfulness.”

How does this apply to my life?  Well, I see it as prophetic.  I have the Holy Spirit, functioning in at least five ways around me, spoken about clearly by various references to the water bringing life here in Genesis 2.  Firstly, the mist, which reflects the Holy Spirit’s omnipresence enveloping everything, then the Pison, the Holy Spirit surrounding, encircling me, The Gihon, the Holy Spirit breaking through to bring me victory in every area of life, The Tigris, The Holy Spirit rapidly coming to my aid and flowing fast so that it brings life, not being stagnant in any way, and, finally, The Euphrates, the Holy Spirit bring His gifts of fruitfulness over all I am, think, say and do.


Father, thank you for the gift of Your Holy Spirit, and how You spoke of Your Spirit work, even before the fall of man.  If man needed You then in the perfect garden, how much more do I need You now.  Please fill me and overflow me.
In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] בְּדֹלַח – Bâdolach – Strongs 916 – (n . m) – “bdellium/gum resin/bdellium gum/aromatic. Transparent.yellowish resin from a tree of the South Arabian peninsular. (some translations assume it to be some sort of precious stone)”

[2] שֹׁהַם – Shoham – Strongs 7718/9 – “onyx/chrysoprasus/beryl/malachite/carnelian/lapis lazuli”

[3] גִּיחוֹן – Giychown – Strongs 1521 – (n . m proper) – “Gihon, name of a river in the Garden in Eden, and a spring near Jerusalem = ‘bursting forth’”

[4] חִדֶּקֶל – Chiddeqel – Strongs 2313 – (n . m Proper) – “Tigris/Hiddekel, name of one of the rivers of Eden which ran toward Assyria. The Tigris River = ‘rapid’”

[5] אַשּׁוּר – Ashshur – Strongs 1544 – “Asshur/son of Shem/Assyria/Assyrians/Assyrian/guided: blessed/a step”

[6] פְּרָת – Pârath – Strongs 6578 – (n . m proper) – “Euphrates = ‘fruitfulness,’ a river in the Garden in Eden, andname of the largest, longest river in western Asia, flowing from the Armenian montains in Turkey to the Persian Gulf”