God loves all people, not just Jews, and not just Christians, and certainly not only Christians and Jews.

Genesis 20:4-5

4 And Abimelech hadn’t come together[1] with her[2], and he said, “My Owner and Master, will you kill[3] even the righteous? 5 Didn’t he say, ‘She’s my sister,’ and she, even she said, ‘He’s my brother.’  I did this in the integrity[4] of my heart and innocence[5] of my hands.”


God loves all people, not just Jews, and not just Christians, and certainly not only Christians and Jews.  Abimelech, a total foreigner to God, had a dream where God appeared to him and warned him that the lady he was about to marry was already married and he would die because of taking her.   God could have just wiped Abimelech out, but He instead visited with him.  There is nothing to indicate that Abimelech became a godly person, but he certainly questioned God as to whether he would murder a righteous man who innocently took the woman when her husband said, “She’s my sister.” And the woman herself said, “He’s my brother.”

God also protected Sarah’s innocence and the integrity of Abraham’s and Sarah’s marriage, which Abraham had rather cheaply sold out on… once again remembering that Abraham was and is the father of faith (not just the faith, but “faith” itself).

Scripture gives me hope that I, with all my failures, can still be effective in executing God’s will for my life and, at the end of the day, still be considered faithful, despite my failings.


Father, thank you for Your perfect Son Jesus, and that in Him I have perfect righteousness.  Please help me to live with Your righteousness here on earth, where perfect righteousness doesn’t exist, except through the work of Your Holy Spirit and because of the blood of Christ.  Please overflow me Holy Spirit and, when other people see me, help me to be as Jesus is in their eyes.  Thank you for Your word that says, “As Jesus is, so are we in this world.”  Please work this truly in me.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] קָרַב – qarab – Strongs 7126 – (v) – “to come near/approach/come/enter into/draw near/bring near/present/bring/present an offering/appear in a legal case/join together/be soon/brought near/to be brought near/to cause to approach/came close/came/came forward/came together/offering/made an offering/offered/presented/soon”

[2] “come near to her” OR “approach to her” OR “come/join together to her””

[3] הָרַג – harag –Strongs 2026 – (v) – “slain/be killed/death/kill/slay/murder/destroy/ruin”

[4] תֹּם – tom = Strongs 8537 – (n . m) – “integrity/completeness/fullness/innocence/blamelessness/simplicity/integrity/random happening/last/full measure/full”

[5] נִקָּיוֹן, נִקֵהָיוֹן – niqqayown, niqqayon – Strongs 5356 – (n . m) – “innocence/innocency/freedom from guilt/freedom from punishment/cleanness./purity/moral impeccability”