Wow… Some Mist!

Genesis 2:10-11

10 And a river was going out from Eden to water the garden, and from there it was divided[1], and it became four[2] heads. 11 The name of the river (was) Pison[3], (and) it was surrounding the whole land of Havilah[4],  where there (was) gold.


A river flowed out of the Garden in Eden… It must have been some mist that God put there to form a river from it!  In fact, the river became so great, it divided in to four rivers, or, literally, “four heads.”  The name of the river in English is Pison, which was pronounced “piyshown” in Hebrew, and meant “increase,” which was very apt as a title, since the one river increased in size enough to create four… not bad from a mist.

The other thing about this river was that it surrounded the whole land of Havilah…. Now, I’m not sure how one decides exactly where Havilah might have been located, but, people much clueyer on the subject than I suggested that Havilah was a part of Eden (true), and possibly in the north-western corner of Asia Minor.  Others, whom I’m inclined to agree with, say that the location of Havilah is “unclear.”  However, Havilah, the English word, is “Chaviylah” in Hebrew, and means “circle.”  From this and the text we can conclude that the Pison River flowed in a big circle around Havilah.

What does it mean to me?  Well, God sent the mist, and, seemingly from nothing, a river went out to bring life.  It reminds me of the rock which produced water for Moses in the wilderness, the river of God in Ezekiel that flowed out from the temple and brought life, and also of the Holy Spirit that comes from God, who, too, produces life.  In all four cases, water (one of the symbols of the Holy Spirit) came from seemingly nowhere to produce life in living things that would not exist without it (physically and/or spiritually).


Father thank you that You supply the water of life.  Thank you for the rain from the sky, and the rain from heaven.  Thank you that You provide, and You can and do provide ex nihlo, from nothing.  Thank you that You took me when I was empty, and filled me up.  Please fill me much more.
In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] פָּרַד – parad – Strongs 6504 – (v) – “separated/divided/separate out/be parted/spread out/be scattered/consort with/selfish/cause isolation/be spread out/make a division/be separated/get separated/dispersed/go apart/parts/separates/spread” … to separate/to divide [Qal] … to be spread out [Qal passive participle] .. to be divided/to be separated/be separated into parts/selfish/isolated/be parted [Nifal] … to be separated/to consort with [Piel] … to be divided [Pual] … to divide/to separate/to make a division/to make a separation/separate out/cause isolation/cause separation [Hifil] … to be divided/be separated/get separated/be parted [Hitpael]

[2] אַרְבַּע אַרְבַּעָה  – ’arbaʿ, ʾarbaʿah – Strongs 702 – “four/fourth/fourfold/four times as much/four-footed”

[3] פִּישׂוֹן – Piyshown – Strongs 6376 – (n . m proper) – “Pison, name of one of the four rivers descrbed in Genesis as being in the garden in Eden = ‘increase’”.

[4] חֲוִילָה – Chaviylah – Strongs 2341 – (n . m proper) – “Havilah, name of a place in Eden before the fall, a district in Arabia after the fall, and the name of one of the sons of Cush = ‘circle’”